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12th Tribe

I worked for 12th tribe back a couple years ago before they were bigger! it was a pretty bad experience. I remember the owner didn’t like any of the photos that we took for 3 hours so we had to reshoot, she didn’t like those and we had to reshoot again. this was back when I didn’t read contracts and whatnot! overall bad experience! - anonymous

Compensation: $50 for 1 IG Reel

Follower Range: 100,000-150,000Followers


They gifted me a scarf in exchange for one Tiktok! I had to style it 3 different ways. I felt like I was taken advantage of but I wanted to build a relationship with them. They then reached out again to promote their cow print jeans and I asked for payment because my following was now at 100k. They asked for my rates and I told them that I charge $900 for a TikTok and then ghosted me. I feel like they try to take advantage of new creators to work for free. - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 TikTok Video

Follower Range: 60,000-80,000Followers


I never went through with the “partnership” because I could not help but feel that they were trying to take advantage of my work. They repeatedly tried to offer 1 outfit for a video. We all know they have the budget to pay creators. The contact was not nice after I asked for additional compensation. - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 TikTok Video

Follower Range: 10,000-20,000Followers


I love working with 12th Tribe - they are really good people. They have a location in NYC so I was able to go in and meet them. They haven't offered any paid collaborations but I have received a dress & jacket from them. They are clothes that I would wear regardless so it is very authentic content - post / story. They give us a discount code. Great for starting out in the fashion industry if that is the type of content you want to go towards. - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 IG Post

Follower Range: 1,000-5,000Followers

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