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Chamberlin Coffee

I absolutely loved this collab with Chamberlain Coffee. They supported me through the entire process and gave me $100 worth of free product to try and show to my audience! I love this brand, and while it is gifted, it’s a great brand with great communication. They only require one post but I posted on both platforms!- anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 TikTok Video + 1 IG Reel

Follower Range: 1,000-5,000


Chamberlain coffee does not pay creators. They send $300 worth of products of your choice and you have to post content featuring them. They have sent me some of their new products and bundles throughout, but if you read the terms and conditions, by accepting free products, you are allowing them to use your content (giving them usage rights). It's disappointing since the owner (Emma Chamberlain) is a content creator herself and knows that this is how some people make their living and expects free work. It's honestly disrespectful coming from someone in the industry.- anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 TikTok Reel

Follower Range: 80,000-100,000


I accepted $300 worth of product I was able to select! :) I love coffee so this was worth it to me but definitely wish it was a paid opportunity - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 IG Reel

Follower Range: 10,000-20,000

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