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I’m giving them 4/5 stars because they really are a pleasure to work with, very nice and understanding. They’re lax with posting but I have worked with them a few times now as an ambassador— I created 5 videos (that I had complete creative control over and it didn’t have to be dedicated to Colourpop only) for $1,000 total. I do wish they had a bigger budget or prioritized smaller creators as much as they do larger ones because my videos performed well!

- anonymous

Compensation: $1,000 for 1 TikTok Video

Follower Range: 100,000-150,00


ColourPop reached out to me to put me on their PR list which I accepted. They asked me to post whenever I received something but with no posting guides, which tbh I was not consistent with doing. It didn’t seem like they checked whether I posted at all since I kept receiving new packages. It was kind of overwhelming because the makeup started to pile up and I didn’t even wear makeup that often. I moved out of my college dorm, so I have no idea if they’re still sending me products and my school is just sending them back since I can’t accept packages anymore. I was probably not the best influencer for them to work with, so most of this is on me. I probably would have been more likely to post if they actually paid me though and sent me products I actually cared about. - anonymous

Compensation: $0 Flexible Posting (IG)

Follower Range: 100,000-20,000


I have worked with Colourpop since 2019 and have received gifted items since they reached out to me. My recent paid collab was to promote their holiday deals on my story, which received about 2500 views. - anonymous

Compensation: $350 5 IG Stories + Usage Rights

Follower Range: 10,000-20,000

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