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Living Proof

Extremely easy to work with. They sent me a free bottle of their dry shampoo to use in their video. I did not have to retake the video. Payment took 1 month to receive. I would work with them again. - anonymous

Compensation: $1,300 for 1 TikTok Video

Follower Range: 200,000-250,000


This brand was very easy to work with because I had the creative freedom. The only specific thing they asked for was no other brands showing in the video. Great working with a brand I love! - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 2 TikTok Video

Follower Range: 3,000-5,000


I enjoyed working with Living Proof on this UGC project. They asked for a reshoot of one of the videos and the communication sort of tapered off so I never heard back with any feedback regarding the video that I reshot. However I was paid for both deliverables within about 30 days from when I submitted my invoices for the project. I do wish their budget was a bit more flexible but for someone just getting into UGC work, this was a great opportunity. I love the brand and would work with Living Proof again! - anonymous

Compensation: $1,500 for 1 IG Reel + 1 UGC Video

Follower Range: 5,000-10,000


Using apps to help you get brand deals in the beginning is so ideal! Working for free products in the beginning was great for the exposure! - anonymous

Compensation: $0 for 1 IG Reel

Follower Range: 1,000-5,000

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