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Influencer Agreement Template
Grab an Influencer Agreement Template

Whether you’re just embarking on your creator journey or you’re several years deep, it’s important to take care of yourself as a creator. 


When it comes to earning an income through brand sponsorships, it takes more than capturing some amazing content. There’s a business side as well! And no one is going to protect you better than you. 


Most companies will send over an agreement/contract that lays out the scope of work and deliverables involved. 


However, there’s been some cases where brands neglect to have an agreement between the creator and the brand and this is where things can get confusing. 


Send over your own agreement! Customize to make it your own - you’ll truly show how professional and serious you are as a creator.

Invoice Template

What do you do when brands ask you to send over an invoice to be paid? Maybe you have one figured out or maybe you panic a little because you want to come off as professional as possible? We’ve been there.


Use this customizable invoice template to really wow your brand partners!

SC Invoice Template.png
SC Rate Card.png
Rate Card Template

There's a lot of taboo around creators and money. It's something we should all feel comfortable talking about! 

As a creator your rates should continue to rise as the industry grows, and you as a creator grows. 

Use this customizable rate card to give your rates to a brand in a professional way when they ask to see them. 

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