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Made for Creators, by a Creator.

Are you an influencer, blogger,
or content creator?

I am as well. This industry can be difficult to navigate and I find that it's a lot more fun when you have other creatives to lean on and learn from.
- jessy place, founder


Groups to help educate & inspire.


Grow, organize & monetize.

Brand &
PR Contacts

Help you land collaborations.

Our Mission

Social Collective envisions a world where aspiring female content creators have the tools and support they need to flourish on social media platforms. We aim to inspire a diverse and empowered community that thrives through mutual empowerment, creativity, and innovation.

Together, we can learn from each other.


What Our Members are Saying... 

 I think SC is super informative. It has such amazing resources and it’s easy to use.

It’s definitely a game changer!

- Karen C.


So why join SC?


Creator Community Groups

This is a safe space and there's no holding back! Want to hear what brand's caused other creators the most headaches? Interested in what others are charging? Want to spill all your knowlege! This is the space to do it.


Gain Access to 
Brand Contacts

We can't stress enough the importance of pitching yourself to brands - however, finding the actual influencer marketing director can be a real struggle. Our app has a brand contact database that will be ever-growing and changing.  


Creator Tools

Want to really spice up your Media Kit and Rate Sheet? Tax season stressing you out as a creator? Don't know where to start when pitching to brands? We'll have videos, guides and downloads available that answer these questions and much, much more. 


FREE Lightroom 
Mobile Presets for
SC Members

Level up your social channels with profesisonal mobile friendly Lightroom

presets! FREE for all SC members.

Not ready to join, but still want to enjoy our mobile presets?

Our Lightroom Mobile presets are made professionally curated to help bring your photos to life. 

Play around will all sorts of presets to find your editing style that will catch the eye of your audience and potential brand partners. 

If you are an SC member every single preset is free of charge!

Once you sign up, you'll gain access to a member code that you can use at check-out! This code will work the lifetime of your membership. 

Retro Babe SC Preset Cover.png
Grow Wild SC Preset Cover.png
Wonder Wall SC Preset Cover.png

We're so excited to have you join the party!

  • How much is it to join?
    We have a monthly subscription of $9.99/month or $49.99/annually and you can cancel yourself anytime.
  • How can I pay?
    Click the "Join Now" tab on our website! You will be prompted to decide how you'd like to pay for your SC membership.
  • Do I have to be a blogger, content creator, or influencer to join?
    I think if you weren't you'd be pretty bored! But if you're considering being a creator and want to connect with women I think this space will serve you well. SC is definitely made for the smaller creator looking to learn and grow within the industry.
  • Why does it cost to join?
    The short answer is hosting a platform ain't cheap! Your membership allows us to keep SC alive and we are so incredibly grateful for your support.
  • Is it easy to cancel my membership anytime?
    Of course! No hard feelings. You can cancel your SC membership by logging into your SC account on your computer desktop or mobile device (please keep in mind the SC app is currently unavailable) once you're logged into your account you can head over to where your name is on the menu tab and a drop down will appear! You will then select "Subscriptions" and from there be able to cancel your account on your own. If you ever want to come back, the door is always open!
  • Do I have to have a large following to join?
    Not at all! You can have 50 followers or 500k followers - you can learn something from anyone.
  • Is this a female only platform?
    It is! Nothing against the fellas, but we're keeping this girls only.
  • What do I do if brands don't respond to me from your list?
    If you do not get an email response from a brand on our contact list there could be a few reasons for this: - You're pitching at a very high season time and their inbox is flooded (ie: Holidays and start of a new season) - You just need to follow up with a second pitch! - They are just simply not interested in your pitch If you however get a bounced back email (sometimes people leave the company) just let us know and we will get a new contact updated ASAP!)
  • How do I contact someone directly if I need help?
    We're more than happy to help! You can contact us at as well as using the chat on our website!
  • Can I edit my own media kit?
    We are currently working on all SC members to be able to edit their own media kit information. However, at this time any changes/edits to your media kit that you'd like - please send them to with your name and edits.

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